Palo Alto Brewing Company grew out of a love for beers with character. Brewer Kasim Syed has a passion for beers of all styles and a love of microbrews and the inspired ideas that they bring to the world of brewing. After working in the beer industry for several years as a bartender and pub owner, Kasim started Palo Alto Brewing Company and began brewing his own creations. His commitment to long-standing brewing traditions and his inventiveness (no doubt a byproduct of growing up in the Silicon Valley) were evident from the first beers to come from Palo Alto Brewing Company; beers such as a classic brown ale, rich and malty, and a super-refreshing Belgian-style wit beer brewed with cucumber.

In the beginning, Palo Alto Brewing Company's beers were available only at Palo Alto's Rose and Crown Pub, but demand grew quickly and soon people could find them at restaurants and bars throughout the Peninsula as well as grocery stores and specialty beer and liquor stores all over the bay area. Since 2009, Palo Alto Brewing Company has offered to beer lovers a wide variety of brews ranging from our classic Hoppy Ending Pale Ale to our limited release bourbon barrel barley wine Onoskelis. Other fan favorites include our Barley Legal Coconut Porter (and its barrel-aged version), the very West Coast-style Atlas Double IPA, and our newest release Nice Lacing, a Belgian IPA, created by Kasim and brewed in Belgium's De Proef Brouweij. It's the perfect blend of classic Belgian brewing traditions and West Coast microbrew character. With an understanding of traditional brewing styles and an eye to the future, Palo Alto Brewing Company creates beers with the uniqueness of a microbrew and a classic aesthetic that stands up with the most well-known beers of the world.